Pen and ink drawing

Would you like to commission me for a portrait? I'm happy to draw pets, favourite animals and people. I like to work from high quality photographs please.

I enjoy taking commissions of pets, there are so many different characters. We love them all in our own unique way and I enjoy capturing their character in the mediums I use, be it with pen and ink, paint or pencil. As an animal lover and beagle owner I know how they can steal your heart!

Take a look at through my Drawings Gallery

You can send as many photos as you think will be helpful. Clear images need to show the fine details of the subject. Photos taken outside are best, not into the sun but with it behind you. Ideal photos are taken on a cloudy bright day where there are no harsh shadows evident.

Try to get as close as you can, at their eye level for a head and shoulders portrait. No squinting allowed! You don’t need an expensive camera as most cameras on smart phones will provide good enough images to work from. Please remember I can only draw what I can see!